Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Project Mucha Poses 2

Using Pose Guides

Choose an image for a posing guide.

in a 2D editor (I use Gimp 2.8)  create a new transparent layer over the image.
In the new layer with the brush tool black out everything in the image that is not the figure.  Export as jpg.  Working on the transparent layer preserves the image so it is simple to check your work and make corrections.  Don't spend a lot of time.  Good figure isolation can be very time consuming, but we don't need good edges this time, just be sure the pose is evident.

Create a new Plane 2 m and in diffuse color click on the small triangle on the left side and browse to your blacked out pose guide.
For the plane click on the small triangle for Opacity strength and browse to your pose guide again.

Do it all again so that you have two planes with your guide and arrange a zero level corner with the two guides at right angles to each other with one in the back and one on the left.  Create a third plane, but leave it blank and don't rotate.  Z translate it until it aligns as a floor for the guides.

Add in Genesis

Add skin, hair, and a long dress

Find the closest pose available and apply it.

Make what adjustments possible to fit dress to sitting pose.  Try to find a long dress with a sitting adjust  (SittingAdj or just Sitting in parameters Moves)  This is Genesis MFD. Arrange the view as straight on as possible.  Try getting the grid center line straight back into the distance and until the floor almost disappears.  << r07 >>

In this example the background guide is too large, but that is expected. First turn G's head until it is straight ahead like the guide.  To do this expand Genesis until the Head can be selected.

Use the bend, twist, and side-side parameters that are available for the head.

Generally align the figure with the back guide then Parameters-scale the back guide to the closest size match.  Remember this scale amount.

Save your work often.  Please do what I say and not what I do.  I just lost it all here.  I will get as close as I can and resume.

Apply the exact same scaling amount to the other pose guide.  For this pose this side is much less useful, but it still can give us some check points.  In this example the side guide is good for measuring, but not for aligning.

In the scene tab right click on Genesis and expand all.  Choose body parts in scene and adjust with parameters trying to align with the back guide. Check against the side guide often to be sure sizes still look right.  I have the best luck when I position the hip into the closest "location" and then move each body part from the hip out until it looks right.

This is near the pose for positions, but nowhere near the pose in feeling.  I scaled the chair to fit the pose and opted for fantastic hair.