Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project My Fiery 2 part 2

After the major goals are blocked in there are many small fixes before reaching the final render.  This is often called "tweaking". We will look at tweaking the previous project.

Recently I have before concentrating on the postcard (4x6) as a format.  I use this format as often as I can to build up some experience composing in this format.

So first I change to vertical postcard in Render setting.  It is possible to save your own formats in render settings with a button called Save Presets... and I have done this for vertical and horizontal postcards.

I want to eliminate the small peek through to the background near her cheek and neck.  First I'll try turning the head a little.

Turning toward the small openings didn't work, so I turned the other way which leaves larger and less objectionable openings.

I recall there is a hair parameter to make the pigtails tighter.  So try that and make the hair short as well as out of the eyes.

That is the best I can do with the hair for now.  Hair takes up a large percentage or the rendering time.  To speed up working on the next tweaks I am going to turn hair visibility off for a while.

The eye and head position need work.  Although I like the head position in the frame now, I really don't like the arm pit view, so I am going to try some other positions.

try aiming the lights and adjusting intensity.

Try with hair.

An upgrade to DAZ Studio (now 4.6) is now available and includes a new basic subsurfance shader which is designed to produce better skin.  Here is a quick first try.  To study the difference its best to put the last two images into a photo viewer, such as photo gallery or picasa and the go back and forth between the two images.  I like it a lot and look forward to learning more about how to use it.