Friday, May 17, 2013

Freeby Friday 2

With nothing more than the starter set from DAZ you can configure 100's even 1000's of characters.  Men, women, kids, young, heavy, thin, emaciated, body builders  -- fitness and if that weren't enough -- fitness details.  At yet among all the many, many characters there is only one set of eyes.

That is bad, but I find these green flat eyes almost Target logo like, lacking in detail and credibility.

So, I searched the freebie world and could find one and only one set of eyes for Genesis.  Good news, its a great set of eyes.  Gee has done terrific job.  There are 25 colors and most of them look great.  There is exquisite detailing -- the irises are subtlety different in left and right eyes, corneal bulge is apparent, there is tiny edge detail on some of the pupils.  A few of the colors are a little bright for my taste now, but I may learn why these colors are in the set as I do some more 3D work.

You can find these free eyes at


Thanks, Gee.  Thanks, almostperfekt.  The creator uses both names.

The eyes are little hard to find in your content library.  They are in Presets - Materials - Eyes
Genesis must be selected to add one of the eye presets.  Once you have started with a preset, you can change colors with the colors in the colours folder in the next level down from Eyes.

And, yes, this render was made with the 2EZ light set we made earlier.