Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Project My Fiery 2 part 1

The information in this project depends on the earlier Project My Fiery, especially for the 2EZ light set made in that project.

Start with the second ready to render scene from the tutorial.

Change backdrop to none add a plane  4 m  X rotate 90  Z translate -100

Remove the lights but keep Genesis, tankini, shorts, hair, and camera 1.

Add in out 2EZ light set.

Next we zero Sally Mae Hair.  This means going to the parameters and setting every single one to 0.0  This will go faster after clicking on currently used which will reduce the list down to the one's in use now. The items whose names are grayed out affect the hair indirectly do NOT change them.

I was never happy with this project.  The childish hair and man's underwear look, just didn't work for me.  Let's take advantage of a very power ability of the genesis figure and make this a cute little girl instead.  This is way easier than it sounds.

1) select genesis in the scene tab. In parameter click All to change back from Currently Used.  under  Actor - Universal - Basic Child  move the slider to about the middle.  I used 0.47 The figure becomes much shorter aim the camera to reposition for this size.
2) Still wearing lipstick.  In Content Library go to People - Genesis - Materials and double click Basic Child - No Gen.  This should change the skin and the makeup. Genesis should be selected in the scene tab before choosing Basic Child - No Gen.

Select tankini in the scene tab.  In Content Library - People - Genesis - Clothing - K4 Basic Clothing - Materials.  On the bottom row is a pink tankini.  double click.

Select SallyMae Hair in the scene tab then in Content Library

People - Genesis - Hair - SallyMae - Materials

There is a Ribbon Neon Pink  Hair color changes are here also, but I stayed with the current color.


Last Friday  (Freebie Friday 2)  I showed were to find some free eyes for Genesis.

Select Genesis in the scene tab  then in Content Library  Presets - Materials - Gee - Eyes   I liked brown 4.

Now is time to work on an expression.  Please remember to save your scene often as changes are made.  In the scene tab expand Genesis and select Head.  In Parameters drill down to Pose Controls - Head - Expressions   Here you will see a large number of expressions to choose from  you can even combine several together.  I used Excitement 0.77 and Happy 0.08