Friday, May 24, 2013

Freebie Friday 3

An Excellent Prop

Today I will introduce you to a very high quality prop that it available for free as a gift from an excellent pair of 3D artists/vendors.

The prop is DM's Chapel available for download at:


If you click on  Freestuff in the menu line near the top of this page you can seenseveral great free items.  Too many for a single post, so we will work with DM's Chapel this time.

One of the things I like about DM creations is that they are usually a collection of coordinated items.  A very versatile set, several associated items that go with the set, and poses for characters in the set.

The very high quality of the work is readily apparent.  DM has stores on and on  You will find browsing through them inspiring and rewarding.  The consistent excellence is awesome.  Their major genre is fantasy, but  their steam punk and sci fi items are among the best available. Even though my budget is very limited I have bought several DM products and am very pleased.

The products are usually in poser format which will require unZipping them with something like WinZip, jZip, Stuffit, ...  I prefer 7zip.  Good instructions on how to do this for DAZ Studio are available at Doc

An easy to follow PDF file is available on that page - scroll near the bottom.

In DAZ Studio to access the prop in your Content Library tab  choose
poser format - My Library - Props - !DM Free_P6+

The chapel set has two parts:

The chapel itself

and a part called a divider

There are also two injection morphs (These are used to place parts in your scene for you) One to place a divider on the left side of the opening and one for the right side.  If you double click each one both the openings will be filled.

I admit that when I first saw this prop I was disappointed.  I was still thinking things, so a chapel should be a full building.  No I have learned to think sets and this one is truly great.  Let's try it out.  Start by loading our old friend Fiery Genesis 1 and changing the backdrop to None,  In the Content Library tab navigate to the chapel and add it to our scene.