Friday, May 10, 2013

Freebie Friday

Freebies and Budgets items.

I can't start any mention of free resouces without first mentioning the GIMP a tthe Gimp   This is an excellent 2D graphic package.  If you don't have Photoshop already, give it a look.

Beyond Studio itself, the next best freebies are the video tutorials availabe in what is called the 3D University

This relatively new series is by Val Cameron from Dreamlight is an excellent introduction to the topic as a whole.  At the same time it teaches a practical approach and gives a glimpse of Val Cameron's famous and highly successful over-the-expert's-shoulder approach.

For this week's budget item suggestion, I like the add-on courses from the series above.  They are good additional material and price very low.  I have done a couple of the Dreamlight courses as well and can't say too many good things about them.  I do have a hint though.

Sign up for either the free eBook at

or for the LOS corner
(more about this prop later)

This will get you on their mailing list,  There are many sales and one day you will get an offer you can't refuse -- the price will just be too attractive.  Frankly, any one the courses is a good value at the list price, but if you are on a tight budget like me being patient might get a lower price.