Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Mucha Poses 1


Alphonse Mucha was a Czech artist renown for his posters that are now seen as some of the best of Art Nouveau.  His Wikipedia article is excellent on his bio and history.

Mucha's outstanding posters can be put into 3 main groups:  single figure mostly advertising, coordinated sets of singles figures representing seasons, stones, etc. and single heads usually in profile.

He first became famous for this poster
with this one

being a close second.  My personal favorite is

For this project we will consider, what are the main elements of a Mucha poster and review them for what we can emulate in 3D Art.

Elements of Mucha Poster image

    Pose  is either simple static or extreme curving
    Expression usually distant, neutral, uncommitted
Flowers - big blossoms usually in 3/4 view

Vines -  unreal, abstracted, a flourish on the framing

Frames  inner, outer and partial

Dress -  long and flowing, extreme textures or plain

Hair -  very long swirling, ...

Ornament - usually fantastic, crescent, disc, ...

Backgrounds painterly and gradated  tans, grays

Opportunities for 3D and 2D

   In 3D we can learn more about posing and managing hair and flowers.
    In  2D we can learn in postwork in an image editor  painting extensions of hair and dresses, text
                backgrounds, ornaments, and frames.
The first goal in this project will be to test the elements in 3D scenes

                  Duplicate of Mucha posters) with strong attention to posing.
                  Post work (in 2D) for frames, backgrounds, swirling hair & dresses.
Nest investigate how to update to be more contemporary approach:

1)closer framing  partial figure more than full figure
2) fewer and less extreme swirling elements
3)concentrate on material textures like silk, velvet more than brocades...
4)composition more 3D than 2D :less flattening, less planar
        5)2D elements Backgrounds, Ornaments, Frames, Flowers (hand drawn or photos)