Friday, June 28, 2013

Freebie Friday 7

The Black Chair

Most Digital Creations offers a freebie called The Black Chair.   It is a large black chair and a set of poses for  V4, V5, and Genesis. Here is a link:  The Black Chair

Adam Thwaites, the man behind this website has made a major contribution to the 3D Art community.  He releases a new free model about once a week and has done so for years.  The archive at his site is huge.  Usually the models are small single figures that are very well made, but he also makes poses and morphs.  He main emphasis is Poser, but many of his items, especially recently, also support DAZ Studio.

Here is Genesis in the various poses that accompany The Black Chair.

The chair is indeed very, very black which turns out to be a strength.  This helps to swallow
shadows and hide small posing issues well.  When you need to quickly make a contemporary setting render, this prop can be a big help.

The color is easily changed by changing the diffuse color in the surfaces tab.


In general the poses are an excellent starting point.  Fine tuning is mostly a matter of personal style and preference.  Here is my favorite with minor changes and an expression.

The chair is a single piece with limited detail (which also works with the black color)  Some scaling is possible, but the arms quickly grow large in relation to the total.  To me, this example is about as far as one can expect.