Friday, August 30, 2013

Freebie Friday 8

Partial Poses

Kastastrophe has made a series of nice Genesis partial poses available for free through share cg (links below )

There are three sets one for legs, one for arms and one for hands.  The poses are an eclectic mix of everyday poses, utility poses and gestures.

The body poses are called Body Talk and are available at


Included are poses for both legs and one leg.


These, too, are for both arms or one arm and are usually mirrored


The hands package is called Hand Jive and is predominately gestures.

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Because they are partial poses they have many uses combined with each other or as revisions to other poses. This set is excellent quality, but a little smaller (fewer items) than many partial pose packages for pay.

Also because they are partial poses, extra care is needed to keep your character upright and centered since these poses have no role in the central position of your character.

Here I started from the default "T" or zero poses and added hand and leg poses.  You can see the character a little bit twisted.

Instead of fixing it I applied two more partial poses.

Notice that, although the chosen partials are excellent for their described pose, the off axis of the character as a whole has gotten a little worse, but is still OK.

Now apply two more partials.

And now the balance situation has gotten too far off to ignore.  Frankly, a minor correction after applying each pose would have kept the whole sequence in good shape.  I didn't do that so I could demonstrate a caveat of using partial poses.  These partials are not worse than others ones available, even expensive partials have this issue.  Frankly, most poses need a little tweaking to fit your use, its just visible sooner when you use partials.

Partials are always a tool for extended your poses library and the gestures in these packages have very good story telling usage.