Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project Mucha Poses 3


Another Pose

Action Tool from tools menu.

Here is a video tutorial on How to do the IK (called Action Tool in the Tools menu) which turns your cursor into a tool for moving the body parts.

First I loaded the 2EZStudio  (made yesterday in Modeling Monday 4) from Scene Subsets

Then I loaded Victoria 5, and V5 Ponytail and chose a standing pose with arms raised from V5 poses.   Y rotate to about the best orientation and pined the feet (like the video) and switched to the mid Thigh camera.  Move the hip with your Action Tool cursor and then pin it.  Next I positioned the head and pinned it. Now click on a hand and move it to about the nearest location like the Mucha original.  Then the other hand.  For me, this was faster than the previous approach.  I could not move the fingers well with action tool though and wound up using the sliders in the parameters tab to pose the fingers.  It took a long time.  I really need to get some hand poses.

Next I worked on the expression.  I prefer to get the pose close to done before working on the expression.  So, I can be sure it works with the pose and camera.

There are two basic rules to remember.

1) Always brush your teeth twice a day.

2) Never, never use the zero expression.


I tried quite a few clothing changes until I got some clothes that allow some transparency.  I used Adam Thwaites Bodysuit.  A Freebie at  bodysuit

It fit the pose well, and changed color easily by changing the Diffuse color of the various sections of the body suit.

First I tried dropping the opacity of the sleeves, torso, and legs to 80%.  I left the shorts at 100% because I don't want my blog to fall into the adult content world.

As you can see there are a number of spots that look about like holes in the body suit.  These don't show in the preview, but are in the render.  I tried the Mesh smoothing in the parameters with some success.

but not enough.  This is more than I want to try to fix in post works.  The curved surfaces will make post work fixes hard than just clone stamping.

I put the sleeves and legs back to 100% and got useable results.

A note about using the preset lighting -- the 2EZ lighting I set up before.  This is certainly not the best possible lighting.  At this point in my 3D Art Journey I am not looking to get great lighting.  I want beginner's lighting -- a clear figure and environment, with some shadows for shaping.  I'm sorry.  I am just not up for trying out a lot of lighting now.  I think that will slow me down from learning posing, colors, surfaces, shaders, and a number of other topics.  I will try to improve the lights from time to  time, but I now have a platform that let's me work on figures and faces and I can work on lighting later, when I have something I actually want to light well.

These images make clear that a lot of Mucha's charm comes from the extreme, fanciful detail. That level of detail and additional stuff for the image is far beyond my abilities and budget just now, but I think these images have benefited from study of the Mucha images and have a charm of their own.

Certainly 3D Art is capable of a finely detailed expressive face, that would be nearly impossible in a hand drawn lithograph.