Monday, June 3, 2013

Modeling Monday 4

2EZ Studio

First improve 2EZ lights

The Uber Environment Light 2 was borrowed from the Fiery Genesis Tutorial and has been a big help in letting me concentrate on learning other aspects of 3D Art.  I have studied this light from a number of sources and am ready to make some improvements.  First change the intensity scale to 100% and the Intensity to 50%.  This makes the intensity easier to match with the Distant Light.  Next change the color to White.  The orange color we were using fit the Fiery image very well, but can cause havoc in other setups.  Although, it is a good light in special situations, white is a better general purpose color.

To be better as in general use rather than specialized change the occlusion color to black.

<< s03 >>

Make the simple set

Create a 4m plane, name it floor and set the color to 128 100 64
Create another 4m plane, name it wall and set the color to 96 96 72

X rotate the wall 90 Y translate and Z translate until it is a very slightly overlapping wall and floor.  Do not move the floor, move the wall only.

Use the create group to combine floor and wall into a group called set.  Use the create group to combine the lights into a group called 2EZ Lights.

This is a basic and very versatile set, which is good for studio like images and quick testing of new characters, clothes, etc.  The figures will load in the middle of the floor and we can move (Z translate ) the wall back and forth to get the shadows we want.

Define Cameras

Load a figure, clothes, and hair.  Pose it and use that figure to predefine a number of useful cameras.

  Genesis basic female in basic female Fashion pose 01
           Full Figure
             Mid Thigh

               Mid Abdomen

              Head & Shoulders
                   Head 3 Quarter
                     Face Features only
      Create a new group for the cameras.
      Remove the figure and all clothes, hair... then
      Combine the set, lights, and camera groups into a group called 2EZ Studio
      Use save Scene subset  to save it for future use.

Add Measuring Aids

      Slosh has create a nice freebie called measuring wall.  It looks kind of like a police line wall (at least from movies ) We can use it to expand the capabilities of the 2 EZ Studio.  First download and unzip to your library location.  It is found on sharecg  .Measuring-Wall
When it is installed it will look like this in content library  
      It is a little different to use.  To add to your scene, first double click the middle icon called MeasureWall.  That loads a wall with feet and inch markings.  If you prefer metric, select MeasureWall and double click Metric. Double clicking inches will change a Metric Wall back to feet and inches.
 As this render shows it also has a floor which will interfere with our floor so we need to remove it.
In the scene tab the MeasureWall is not expandable so we can't just remove its floor or hide it with the visibility icon.

 Fortunately, there is another method.  Select the MeasureWall then open the Surfaces tab.  The MeasureWall shows a floor.  Go to its Opacity and set it to 0% and its floor is no longer visible in preview or the render.

      I added two more MeasureWalls hide the floors and X Rotate -90.  I rotate the second one Y rotate 180 and arrange the two pieces into a floor centered at the origin with measurements going each way.

      Group these measure elements into a group called Measure.  You can turn the whole measuring set on or off with the visibility icon for the group in the scene tab.  Add the measure group to the Studio group.
      Save and Scene Subset ( I just saved on top of my earlier 2EZ Studio ).

      It will be necessary to reaim the cameras with figure and pose changes, but that always the case.