Friday, June 14, 2013

Freebie Friday 6

Introducing Antonia Polygon

Antonia Polygon is an open source figure developed with Internet collaboration a few years ago.

{ Alert : Antonia is not a Barbie doll.  Many of 3D's figures begin bald and neutered -- not Antonia.  Many of the links below might lead to full frontal nudity. ]

She has her own website where you can find the base figure, morphs, clothing, and jewelry.

You can also find many Antonia items on and there is an Antonia store at runtimeDNA

First, I recommend placing all Antonia items into its own library.  I put mine in

Users/Public/Pulbic Documents/Antonia_Polygon

Then make D/S aware of this library.  Click on the Content Library tab, then click the menu icon to the upper right in the docking panel and choose Content Directory Manager.  In that dialog add your library in the poser format group.

Formats for the zip files vary so examine the contents to choose the best way to unzip for your library.

The standard 1.2.x version works well in D/S I recommend avoiding the weight mapped (WM) figures, clothes, etc. because D/S generates many error messages and becomes sluggish if one is loaded.

Conforming and dynamic items often have disappointing results.  EnglishBob's Flo-hair at  Morphography is an excellent performer though and follows poses very well.

And now for the good news :  there are many alternate characters, skins and morphs for Antonia and they mostly work very well from a poser format library.

There are a substantial number of good poses including a great time saver -- hand poses.

Preset expressions and named expression sliders are weak or missing, but basic controls for brows, eyes and mouth are available and work well.

Not all of the clothes work well with all the poses, so hand adjustment is needed often.

Although no match for Genesis, Antonia is quite versatile.